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Post effects

Once you have finished your watch part it is time to consider some of the post effects users can apply. Especially with watch hands, users can change their radius (length) and thickness afterwards. To make this work as intended you have to think about the scaling properties of your shape.

Scaling properties

To make you shapes scale nicely (thickness and lenght), some shapes might require different methods than others. For instance when you have circles in your watch part you probably want them to remain circles even if the scaling in X direction (thickness) and Y direction (lenght/radius) is not the same. This is handled by setting the correct scaling properties for your shapes.

You can access the scaling properties from the overflow menu on the shape layers (button 7).

Keep aspect ratio
Enable this option to make sure that the aspect ration of the shape is kept. For instance enable this on circles if you wan't them to remain circles eventhough scaling in the X and Y direction is not equal.
Calculate center
Enable this option to re-calculate the center after scaling, this is especially handy for shapes which have to keep aspect ratio but are not centered at the origin.
Scale from top
Enable this option to set the origin of scaling at the top of the watch part. For instance as with the Minority watch hands
Scale stroke size
Disable this option if you want to keep the stroke size the same after scaling.
Scale shadow
Disable this option if you want to keep the shadow size the same after scaling.
Palette changing

Keep in mind that the colors of your watch part can easily be changed afterwards, outside of the watch part designer.

Changing the palette of a watch part is done by tapping the multi-colored round button in front of the chosen watch part in the main interface of Pujie Black

This will show the following dialog, which will allow you to change all the colors in the watch part.