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Cloud Library

Explore a world of Pujie Black presets and watch parts made by you, and you, and ...

The Cloud Library in Pujie Black brings users together, so you can enjoy each others creations. No longer will you miss out on the latest additions, as you will be notified of any new items made by your favourite designers.


The cloud library allows you to access and share your presets and watch parts.

Share your items with the other users of the platform, and maintain your profile within the library.


Automatically keeps your cloud items synchronized

Once added to the cloud, the library automatically synchronizes any changes. Your creations will never get lost and manually updating latest versions is no longer needed.


Free trial

You can try if for free first! After your free trial, you can subscribe to the service for a quarter or full year.

This subscription is needed to keep the cloud service running. Signing up for the yearly subscription will get you a discount.

For up to date pricing, please have a look inside the app.